A growing trend regarding ecommerce season spending !

There is a growing trend regarding ecommerce season spending. That’s why it’s crucial for you to focus on the right optimization processes for the most profitable holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Cyber Monday.
Start preparing  your ecommerce development strategy few months earlier. Here are the crucial steps that you need to take into account: 

1. Review your installations

Before the busy holiday season comes once again review your Google Analytics installation. Before all the marketing campaigns start you have to make sure that your tracking is on point. By the utm tracking you will be able to clearly see how your marketing efforts return in traffic and conversions.

2. Site loading that is fast as a lightning

40% of visitors will leave your site if it won’t load in 3 seconds. That’s the traffic that you are not allowed to miss. It’s the money slipping through your fingers. If you haven’t already, it’s really important for you to optimize your site loading speed. Are you not sure how much does it take for your website to lead? Check it in Google Analytics -> Behaviour -> Site speed.

3. Optimize the mobile version of your ecommerce website: try Growcode - ecommerce optimization solution

It is estimated that in 2018 50% of ecommerce revenue will come from mobile users. The main rule for mobile version is: keep it simple. Remove all unnecessary information. Mobile is for quick shopping experience so make it quick for them.
Here at Growcode we receive especially high growth in mobile ecommerce optimization. Growcode consists of six 5-week optimization sprints that boost your revenue through IT-free ecommerce optimization. If you decide to optimize the mobile version of your ecommerce with Growcode, there are 3 no-questions-asked guarantees: revenue growth guarantee, IT-free guarantee and 20-day money-back guarantee. Did we mention that Growcode - ecommerce optimization, is the first solution in the world that’s created only for ecommerce? 

4. Promote holiday offers on homepage and pop-ups

Make sure that all customers that enter your website to look for a specific holiday product know instantly that they can find it here. So what you should do is let them know about holidays products on the homepage at the main banner. You can also offer special holiday promos in pop-ups.

5. Free holiday shipping and delivery guarantee

Free shipping is one of the most important buying factors for customers - estimates say that for up to 80% customers it’s the crucial factor in online purchasing decision. Offer them free shipping. Pro-tip: you can hide the costs of delivery in the product price. Second thing here is the delivery guarantee. Imagine that you are buying a gift for Valentine’s day for your better half and it won’t arrive on time. Before holidays, the customers are especially stressed out that their present won’t arrive on time. Make sure that your customers will easily see that the delivery will arrive on time.

Published on: 7/3/18, 8:27 AM